Rue Vox

Rue Vox

Hi there! I’m a Las Vegas based Voice Over Artist with a non-regional accent due to growing up moving between Michigan, Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania as a child. Throughout my teen years I was a classically trained singer and found myself working countless hours perfecting my impressions of actors and imitating ads I would see on TV until I felt that I had “nailed it”. I’m a mother of three and I raised them with many a bedtime story, resulting in YEARS of experiential and amateur character work. (Which they LOVED!)

Since 2019 I’ve been training under the guidance and direction of the one and only Melissa Moats at her voice over school here in Vegas; The Voice Actor’s Studio. I consistently book gigs ranging from Characters to eLearning to online Ads. Check out my work and demos page and let me know what kind of work I can do for you!

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